Billing & Insurance

Many people want to understand how billing is going to work, and exactly how much it will cost for them to have care with us. Here is some information about payment and insurance billing that may be helpful:

For All Clients

The total amount for your midwifery care package is due in full by your 36 week visit. A $750 (nonrefundable) deposit is required at your initial prenatal visit. You can make monthly payments based on when you begin care. You can pay in full at any time.

For Clients/Potential Clients Billing Insurance

The first step for getting a grasp of how much a home birth will cost is to get a Verification of Benefits (VOB). We contract with an excellent biller who works hard to get the best reimbursement possible for our insurance clients. The Verification of Benefits won't tell us exactly how much your insurance will pay, but it will tell us if midwifery, birth center, and/or home birth care is a covered benefit on your plan, and it will give us a sense of how much you might expect to receive in reimbursement after your care is complete.

Once you submit your information, your Verification of Benefits will be sent directly to us. Once we receive it, we will contact you to talk in more detail about how much your insurance is likely to pay. You are responsible for paying the total fee for your care package by 36 weeks, just like clients that are not billing insurance. After the birth, we will submit a claim to your insurance and you will be reimbursed the difference minus the biller’s fee of 6%. The reimbursement process usually takes between 3 to 6 months after we submit your claim.

Get a Verification of Benefits.