Placenta Encapsulation

Many mammals participate in placentophagy (eating their placentas). Humans, historically, have not. It is unknown exactly why mammals eat their placentas, possibly for the nutrition, the hormones, or to erase any evidence of the birth. During pregnancy, the placenta is a hormone factory, producing many of the hormones of pregnancy. Once the placenta is delivered, the mother experiences a rapid drop in hormones, which is thought to be part of the cause of "baby blues". The hormones present in the placenta also help the uterus to contract and return to non-pregnant size after the birth. To date, there have not been any reputable scientific studies done that prove the benefits of placentophagy for humans. However, many women who have tried it have reported anecdotally that they have more energy, better milk production, and improved mood. 

If you would like to have your placenta encapsulated, your midwife will take it with her after the birth (or someone will come and pick it up within 24 hours). It will be steamed, dehydrated, ground into a powder and placed into capsules. The capsules will be delivered to you at your home within a few days of birth. 

Price: $250

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