informed consent

What Is Informed Consent?

What is Informed Consent?

Informed consent is a process of communication between you and your midwife. This conversation usually leads to an agreement or permission for care, treatment, or services during pregnancy and while giving birth.

While there are known risks to all births and multiple factors that will affect those risks, the journey of pregnancy and childbirth is yours and you have the right to approve or deny care in low risk environments. This is why, at Nightingale Birth Center we spend more time establishing relationships with our clients to discuss your choices.

The informed consent process makes sure that your midwife has given you all of the necessary information about your pregnancy, along with any and all testing and treatment options before you decide what to do. In the past, women have made decisions during labor when they are stressed and not in the best state of mind, only to wish something had gone differently afterwards. 

Why Is Informed Consent Such An Important Part Of The Pregnancy & Birth Journey? 

Informed consent is so important because you have choices and as your midwifery team we want you to know what those choices are. Meaningful conversations with you about those choices are just as important to us as they are to you. While forms and documentations on your consent to care are a part of the process, you can change your mind at any time, even if you have already started treatment.

Informed consent ensures that you know what all of your options are and the risks, and that you are happy and satisfied with your entire journey into motherhood, whether it’s your first or fifth baby.

The midwives at Nightingale Birth Center will educate you on your choices so that the consent you give always comes from an educated point of view and a place of feeling safe and cared for.