A'Maya Ettien, LM, CPM

Amaya Ettien photo.jpeg

A’Maya Ettien has been a licensed midwife for over 10 years. She recently relocated to the Bay Area from El Paso, Texas, where she worked as a midwife in both clinical and home birth practice. A’Maya completed her midwifery training in Montana and Texas, and she has attended nearly 800 births in birth centers, homes, and hospitals. She is deeply familiar with the many ways that births can take place, and believes strongly that birthing families should be supported in having a safe, healthy and positive birthing experience, wherever, and however the birth takes place. 

As a midwife she is an expert in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, as well as newborn and baby care. She also has a strong base of knowledge regarding breastfeeding concerns and solutions.  As a mama of two teenage daughters, A’Maya has direct parenting knowledge. In her free time, A’Maya enjoys being a mom, cooking delicious food, getting to know her new home community, and watching action movies.

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