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Safe, low-intervention, you-centered care.

Nightingale Natural Birth offers a fundamentally unique approach to pregnancy and childbirth. We provide expert pre-conception, prenatal, birth, and postpartum care for low-risk parents and babies in the comfort of your home.

We believe safe, professional, knowledgeable maternity care is just the minimum. Truly great care means understanding that each family is unique, listening with our hearts as well as our ears, educating, and empowering parents to make their own informed decisions about how they want to birth their baby. 

If you are completely new to the idea of having your baby with a midwife, you are not alone. Learn more about the individualized kind of care that you receive with a midwife, and why it matters.

We are committed to providing inclusive and welcoming care for all people. We welcome clients of all colors, religions, creeds, genders, gender expressions, ages, national origins, family structures, sexual orientations, ability status, marital status, and military status.




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Monday-Friday 9am–5pm

Clients have 24/7 access to a midwife


We attend home births in San Francisco, South San Francisco, Daly City, San Mateo, San Bruno, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Santa Clara, San Carlos, Pacifica, Burlingame, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Pinole, Rodeo, Moraga, Lafayette, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Leandro, Castro Valley, Hayward, Fremont, Union City, and others. Contact us to see if we serve your area.

How We're Different

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"My birth experience was nothing I could have anticipated, but it was everything I hoped for. I was in the comforts of my home with no medical interventions to bat away or unnecessary intrusions. I was surrounded by a dream birth team whom I trusted, and who supported me and my birth preferences.  Firen was attentive, warm, patient, and professional the entire way through, and my son was born healthy with no complications. It's been wonderful having Firen as my midwife." -Karen L.

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Services & Pricing

Most insurance plans will reimburse a significant portion of midwifery fees. We work with an excellent biller who is very experienced in getting insurance reimbursements for midwifery clients. Payment plans are also available for midwifery care. We accept cash, check, credit card and Paypal.

 We offer water birth! Ask us about your options.


Tools for Home & Birth Center Birth - 1 Day Childbirth Education Intensive

If you are planning to give birth at home or in a birth center outside of a hospital, this course is designed specifically for you! Come meet others who are doing the same, and learn how you can birth your baby with confidence and peace. This course is aimed to give you a variety of tools you and your partner can use to stay calm, relaxed and focused on your journey to becoming a parent!

How can I best work with my midwife and other care providers?
How will I know when I’m in labor? 
What do I actually do in labor?! 
What will giving birth be like?
How will I cope with pain? 
What can I do to best support my partner in labor? 
What will happen after the birth? 
What if myself or the baby has to go to the hospital?

A combination of instruction, videos, self-reflection, relaxation, breathing and partner exercises will answer these questions and help you become more comfortable with birth. Partners will learn specific techniques to confidently support the birthing parent through the process. A one-day 7 hour session, this course is perfect for busy parents who can’t or don’t want to take a series.

Current Class Schedule

Sunday, October 28, 2018 - Location TBD
Winter 2018 - Date & Location TBD

The best time to take this course is in your third trimester. Classes generally range from 1-6 couples. Class is 6.25 hours of instruction and activities, with a 45-minute break for lunch. Snacks, water and tea are provided; bring your own lunch. 

Instructor: Firen Jones, Licensed Midwife; Read her bio.

Cost: $250 per couple

Frequently Asked Questions

Who chooses home birth?

Teachers, accountants, lawyers, therapists, bus drivers, entrepreneurs, engineers, servers... the list goes on and on. Most people have done some amount of reading and research, and have decided that home is where they feel safest and most comfortable. Even some doctors, midwives, and nurses who deliver babies in the hospital choose home birth for themselves! 

How safe is home birth?

The Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) has been gathering statistics on planned home birth in the U.S. since 2004. The results of their research show that home birth is a safe option for women experiencing a healthy, normal pregnancy. Additionally women who choose home birth have a much lower risk of interventions like Pitocin induction, episiotomy, epidural anesthesia, and C-section, even if they do end up needing to go to the hospital. 

How much does a home birth cost? Will my insurance cover it?

Our fee for complete prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care is $6000. We ask that clients pay the full fee by the time they reach 37 weeks of pregnancy. Many PPO insurance plans, including many Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare plans (just to name a few), will reimburse clients for some or all of this cost. Our biller will work with you after your last postpartum visit, about 6 weeks after the birth, to obtain reimbursement from your insurance for our services. To start to get a sense of what your insurance might pay, we recommend you obtain a Verification of Benefits when or before you start care.

What would risk me out of a home birth?

The existence or development of risk factors like high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and insulin-dependent diabetes would necessitate a hospital delivery. In the state of California, the birth of twins and breech babies must also happen in the hospital. Factors like age over 35, BMI, previous C-section, or diet-controlled gestational diabetes do not necessarily risk you out of home birth. 

Is my home suitable for a home birth?

The answer is a resounding yes! We have attended births in all kinds of homes - from tiny 5th floor apartments to multi-family mansions. If you have at least one bathroom and running water, you are good to go. And birth sounds more like a romp between the sheets than the dramatic screaming you see in the movies, so neighbors generally aren't so bothered. Pets and children are welcome at the birth too, if that's your desire. In fact, you can have anyone at the birth that you want.

Where exactly would I deliver, and what about the mess?

You can deliver anywhere in your home! That's one of the benefits of home birth. We've delivered babies in beds, on couches, in the living room, in birth tubs, and in bathtubs! Most women do gravitate toward private, smaller, darker spaces in their home. As far as the mess, we cover the delivery area with waterproof sheets and scurry about after the birth tidying everything up. There's generally only about one bag of garbage and one load of laundry generated, which we toss in the washer. By the time we leave (3-6 hours after the birth), the only sign that a birth occurred in your home is the baby!

What supplies do I need for a home birth?

When you reach about 32 weeks in your pregnancy, we have a conversation about what supplies you need to gather for the birth. We direct you to our online kit that contains many of the disposable items we will need, like a cord clamp. Many of the other items you will be able to find in your home, like bowls and towels. You are responsible for the cost of supplies, usually about $100.

Can I have a water birth?

Yes! We have several birth tubs that we loan for free to clients. We provide information to you on how to buy a liner and a hose for the tub to ensure it is sanitary. We pump out the water after the birth and clean and pack the tub out with us. Even if you don't want to deliver in the tub, most women find that submersion in water during labor is highly effective pain relief. 


Can I get pregnancy labs and ultrasounds if I have a home birth?

Absolutely! We are able to draw blood and collect lab specimens during our visits at home as needed, and many insurance plans will cover these labs. We will refer you to a professional sonographer for any needed ultrasounds. 

How often do I see my midwife?

We follow the same care schedule as an obstetrician, which means we will see each other every 4 weeks until you reach 30 weeks of pregnancy, every 2 weeks from 30-36 weeks, and then weekly thereafter until your baby is born. We do 5 postpartum visits - at 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks. All of these visits are in your home, and they last about an hour. The care is very comprehensive!

Do you offer vitamin K, erythromycin eye ointment, hepatitis B vaccine, and metabolic screening for my baby?

Yes, we offer all of the above, except the Hepatitis B vaccine. You can get that from your pediatrician if you so desire. 

What about the baby's birth certificate?

At your 24 hour postpartum visit, we will provide instructions and all necessary paperwork for you to obtain your baby's birth certificate and social security card. 


If you would like more information or would like to make an appointment for a free initial consultation, please fill out the form below or call 650.731.5191. We look forward to hearing from you!

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